Knitting accessories

  • Every good knitter at hand must have all the necessary tools to guarantee that even the most complex knits will become a reality not only at work, but also at pleasant knitting. Knitting accessories is very diverse, so we suggest you review the catalog and buy everything you need to make handicrafts a pleasure.

    Choice of knitting accessories 

    Knitting accessories are very diverse. offers not only the main ones, but also additional ones, which are usually needed. 

    The crochet hooks offered by are very diverse, so you will find the most suitable for you not only in terms of style, but also in the thickness that the selected yarn "requires".
    Crochet hooks can be made of steel or aluminum, which are decorated with a handbag of the desired color. Active knitters usually also need yarn  winding machines, which help not to get tangled in the yarns, keep them beautiful, tidy and at the same time simplify not only the process of knitting, but also the process of breaking clothes. The machine helps to maintain order and at the same time reuse threads that have been used before. Finally, offers other knitting tools: cables, knitting mesh holders, devices for making bumps and many other details. 

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  • Knitting accessories online 

    ● When ordering online, the accessories will be delivered to the most suitable place for you, regardless of whether it is Vilnius, Riga or Tallin.

    ● When shopping online - cheaper, and regularly offered promotions will further reduce the price.

    ● The store constantly offers its catalog, so follow the info.

    ● Free consultations will help you find what you are looking for faster.


    Knitting accessories are very diverse, and what do you need to be able to knit clothes that will be the highlight of your style? After purchasing the necessary accessories, knitting will be pleasant and will not take much time.