Knitting needles

  • Needles must be comfortable and durable . Only then you will feel pleasure to knit. You can buy quality needles at affordable prices at our e-shop We selected only quality products because we focus on quality, not cheapness. We have always admired our grandmothers, who have been knitting with the same needles for decades. We want your children and grandchildren to admire your needles purchased in our store. 

    Knitting needles by type 

     There are several types of knitting needles. Some of them are short for knitting socks. Long and thick needles are most commonly used in knitting loose sweaters and scarves. 

    ● Needles with cable - for round knitwear: hats, sweater sleeves, socks and other knitwear.
    ● Thin needles are used for thin and dense knits.
    ● Braided needles are used for braids.
    ● Another more interesting choice is bamboo needles, which are new to the market but have gained the attention of many knitters. They are simply very happy to hold in their hands, and finally, many are delighted by their style as well.
    ● Interchangeable knitting needles are popular as well. 
    ● Favorite and quick knitting needles that help achieve great results effectively. It takes time and practice, but learning is easy.
    If you’re an active knitter, then needle sets are the best choice. The set will contain everything you need for quality knitting! 

    Code: DK
    10.00 - 100.00
    7.90 - 8.90
    Needles (80cm) KnitPro Zing
    Code: 2712
     This range of fixed circular needles covers the smaller and shorter needle sizes that do not appear under the Interchangeable product range. These needles feature the same advantages as all Nova needles; Engineered from electroplated hollow brass pipes, its shiny polished surface is a knitter’s delight Sharp and gradually tapered points are ideal for all knitting projects Light weight ensures comfort in the hand and hours of stress free, satisfying knitting Durability of brass metal guarantees minimal wear and maximum life Smooth join enables easy stitch glide and no snagging A streamlined manufacturing process makes Nova needles highly affordable The exceptionally smooth surface enables the stitches to move quickly and with no resistance Resilient and flexible cables lay flat with no kink or twist – easy to store KnitPro Nova – the best & most affordable metal needle
    6.50 - 7.00
    8.60 - 9.90
  • The composition of knitting needles and which ones to choose? 

     Knitting needles are usually made of light metal alloys, usually aluminum or brass, which is coated with a thin layer of nickel that is extremely smooth and protects against oxidation. Classic wooden needles, which are sanded perfectly, are also not abandoned, which makes them perfectly slippery and pleasant to hold in your hands. Knitpro needles, often referred to as quality assurance, are widely appreciated around the world. 

    Obviously, Knitpro Cubics needles are very different, so which ones to choose?


    ● Needles can be with or without cable? Is there a difference for you to choose? The most popular choice - with a thread, 40 cm long. 

    ● Their thickness also varies: thin, thick, medium. Choose according to the yarns. 

    ● The price of needles also varies, so evaluate the possibilities. regularly offers promotions, so follow the information.
    ● Thick needles can be metal or wooden. Many women claim that wood is more pleasant to the hands, but they are not as durable as that of metal.
    ● The store also offers products of different designs, so what do you like ? After all, it is much more pleasant to knit when you have stylish needles in your hands.
    ● Needles can be used specifically for braids, quick knitting, round knitting and specific other functions. 

    Quality needles online are a great gift for people who love to knit. Buy them online now!