Merino wool

  • Merino wool yarns are a universal choice 

    Merino wool is one of the most popular choices for those looking for raw materials that would help to make a particularly soft, skin-friendly and beautiful garment. Wool has been popular and highly valued for a long time. It is widely used not only in clothing, but also in the production of linens and blankets. People are increasingly appreciating quality and striving for longevity, which is why merino wool yarns have become a particularly popular option and a choice for many knitters. This type of yarn is perfect for babies, people with sensitive skin, as well as those who only want to wear nice, cozy clothes every day. 


    Merino wool - what it is and what advantages are 

    Merino wool yarn is an all-natural fiber that is extracted from a special breed of merino sheep. It is naturalness that helps to create not only durable, but also environmentally friendly clothing, and these days there is a lot of talk about ecology. An additional advantage is economy, as the price of yarn is relatively low, and a garment made of wool, properly cared for. Widely used for knitting socks, scarves, hats, bathrobes. In addition to heat, the function of elasticity is also worth mentioning. Marino sheep wool provides a comfortable way to move for both agile adults and babies who are just learning to walk. 

    Merino wool with cashmere
    Code: WS776300

    Composition: 95% merino wool VW , 5% Cashmere WS
    Metrics: 100g/300m
    Twisted by 4 threats
    Color: Black (Nero)

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    Merino wool 100%
    Code: MR1151

     Composition:  Merino wool 100%
     Metric: 100g / 2400m (2/48)

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    Code: DK
    10.00 - 100.00
  • Merino wool yarns are very soft, so sweaters made from them can be worn immediately on bare skin. They are non-allergenic and do not cause unpleasant itching (this sometimes happens with synthetic yarn fibers). Also, the garment made of these yarns very well maintains a normal body temperature, creates a proper microclimate that helps to avoid any discomfort. Even if you sweat - do not survive, there will be no stains on clothes, because merino wool does not accumulate dirt, and when they appear, it can be washed very quickly and easily, no very special measures are needed, and the simplest soapy water is suitable. These yarns are a great choice for those looking for long-lasting and functional wool that will not only make you feel great, but also look amazing.

    Perfect wool - for the perfect garment that can be yours!