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  • Knit like a pro

    Your knitted socks, scarves, sweaters will be used every day, so it is obvious that knitwear must be of high quality and durable. This durability will be ensured only by carefully selected knitting yarns, as this is the basis of every handicraft. For this reason, we offer to buy products tested by the knitters themselves, sold in the e-shop.  

    Plenty of yarn selection

    In our product range you will find various shades and types of knitting yarn spools, babins and threads. They are convenient to use when knitting by hand - needles or hooks - and special knitting machines. Our online store sells 100 percent. merino wool, half-wool, mohair, and cotton yarn. We can also offer our customers exclusive types of yarn with cashmere, alpaca or angora wool. You will also find silk, linen and viscose yarns in the product list.

    Length and thickness of knitting yarn

    Knitting yarns can come in a variety of thicknesses and lengths, so read all the technical information on each product page carefully. There you will find information about the length and composition of the products. If you have any unforeseen questions while browsing the product catalog, do not hesitate to contact our staff by phone +37060082296, or write a message here - on the website.

    Camel, merino and silk
    Code: WK12

    Composition: 35% camel wool WK, 49% merino wool VW, 16% silk SE 

    89.00 You save 13.35
    Code: DK
    10.00 - 100.00
  • What yarns to choose? 

    Different knitting yarns also have different characteristics, so depending on the planned knit, you need to look for the most suitable textile materials for you. 

    Merino wool and half-wool yarns for knitting 

    Merino wool is extremely fluffy, so it is highly recommended for people with sensitive skin. Merino wool yarns is also great for children's clothing, crochet toys, as it is very soft. This type of yarn is characterized by the fact that it is permeable to air, so it will help to avoid the unpleasant sweating. A similar result can be obtained by wearing both Merina wool and semi-wool products. Only the thickness of these yarns differs, so before choosing one or another type of yarn, evaluate what type of garment you really want. 

    Mohair yarns for knitting 

    Mohair yarns, unlike Merino wool, are thin, manoeuvrable, pleasant. Mohair’s thread is thin, the garment will be light but also warm. Mohair is the optimal choice during the autumn and spring seasons, when you want to wear comfortable clothes every day that do not cause discomfort.  

    Cashmere yarn for knitting 

    Another option is cashmere yarn, chosen by people who like luxury. This type of knitting yarn is also suitable for babies. The handmade piece will not only look great, but will also fit nicely to the skin. This is a wonderful choice for sweaters and scarves. Cashmere can also be used for crochet. 

    Want to know more about the knitting yarns you're interested in? - visit a specific category or contact us! We will be happy to answer all your questions. 


    Buying knitting yarns online can really save you money. Our store constantly applies various promotions and discounts. There are often sales, so don’t miss out on great opportunities to buy the goods you want cheaper. If you have any questions regarding yarns or orders for larger quantities, please call +370 600 82296 or e-mail.: , you can also talk to our consultants in real time via the messaging program. online store - for the joy of your knitting.

    Affordable prices will save you money, and quality will make you enjoy longevity. 

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    Do you live in London, Dublin, Riga, Berlin, Tallinor any other Europe city or town? - definitely not a problem, because the sale of yarns takes place online! Dive into our catalog, find the goods you are interested in, add them to the shopping cart, and the selected shiny knitting yarns will already be on your way! When buying more goods, delivery may be free! Shop cheaply in the store!